The Battle Of Fake News

Lord Neil Gibson is no stranger to the damage that “fake news” can do. For many years he has been fighting to preserve his business reputation, which he relies upon in order to secure the partnerships and relationships that are necessary for hi to complete projects. Gibson’s business model relies upon drawing from a group […]

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The Fight Continues For Gibson

While there was a good portion of 2017 that could be considered “quiet” for Lord Neil Gibson, during which time he successfully moved the majority of his business dealings and assets to the Middle East in order to open up new regions for business financing operations, the greatest battle that had been won involved the […]

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Lord Neil Gibson In 2018

For those who have followed the career of Lord Neil Gibson, or those interested in becoming part of the network that Gibson uses to fill in the critical parts of his plans of action with regards to philanthropic and business moves, 2017 was a year that saw large changes to the structure of Gibson’s future […]

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From Dubai To Kenya

Lord Neil Gibson has a unique brand of philanthropy that has provided results worldwide for many years. In a typical project, Lord Gibson will assess a situation and utilize a creative means to develop a means for a people to economically uplift themselves. In some cases this may involve the utilization of some natural resource […]

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Lord Neil Gibson Travels The World

Lord Neil Gibson recently returned to Dubai following a whirlwind tour of several areas.  Starting in Lake Como, Italy and then traveling to Bellagio, Gibson then made his way to London to W Hotel Lester square and then on to Hyde Park and Grosvenor House. Lake Como, in Northern Italy’s Lombardy region, is an upscale […]

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Lord Gibson and the Dubai Target

Lord Neil Gibson is internationally known for his business dealings which combine philanthropy and development.  This style of business is designed to assist people within underdeveloped cultures gain access to revenue through work, by targeting the areas of the globe that might have access to natural resources or some form of manufacturing capabilities, but which […]

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