The Battle Of Fake News

Lord Neil Gibson is no stranger to the damage that “fake news” can do. For many years he has been fighting to preserve his business reputation, which he relies upon in order to secure the partnerships and relationships that are necessary for hi to complete projects. Gibson’s business model relies upon drawing from a group of partners in order to utilize capital, ideas and labor in order to move projects forward. Instead of simply relying upon a funding source and then completing all required project tasks using his own team, Gibson delegates responsibilities to a chosen group of partners, each with a specific specialty. Without that team or access to companies or people who can fill these gaps, projects could not move forward as quickly and easily. Gibson relies upon researchers looking into his past business dealings in order to be convinced that he is a “good bet” and without this ability he is left with gaps in teams. Over the past few years, an internet troll has been creating fake news stories about Lord Gibson designed to harm this reputation. He posts these false stories online in order to get them to show up in searches for Lord Gibson’s name, and when researchers read the content they are scared off. This ability to manipulate the truth behind a reputation and make it appear less than perfect has been plaguing Lord Gibson for many years, and only recently his reputation was considered under control. The fake news had been successfully purged, and those researching were only presented with the truth. Unfortunately, it appears that the attacks have started again, and new websites are popping up that contain false information. Until this situation is cleared, Lord Gibson requests that people consider the source of any articles they see regarding him, and only take official website news as truth.

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