Dubai, Ali Cloud, Venetian Enrico and Lord Neil Gibson

There has been a great amount of speculation in recent months regarding Lord Neil Gibson’s recent expansion of his reach into Dubai.  As many understand, Lord Gibson is an international figure who is involved in development projects worldwide, with a primary focus on the funding and structuring of challenging projects that may otherwise fail due to lack of attention or access to resources.  Lord Gibson is in the partnership business, in that he structures projects that involve unique circumstances than finds the correct partners who can supply the elements needed for success.  It is the generalized lack of leadership or lack of access to resources that will usually doom a project, and this is where Gibson thrives.

As seen in numerous countries all over the world, Lord Gibson will identify a way that an area can be developed successfully from the ground up using resources that are able to later be sold or exported.  Generally considered “philanthropic business,” the concept is to uplift populations of people who themselves have not been able to do so because of a lack of foreign help, generally targeting a natural resource existing within the area but not being able to be harvested for some reason.  Perhaps the localized government has not successfully made the connections to foreign enterprise that would enable project success.  Perhaps there has been nobody spearheading the operations that could handle the installation of an entire infrastructure.  Whatever is the reason, Gibson views these challenges as opportunities.

Gibson has moved operations into Dubai over the past months and begun the process of creating the critical partnerships and relationships necessary to move new projects in the Middle East forward.  He has recently announced partnerships with Ali Cloud Investment, which is one of the largest investment firms in the Middle East with over a billion dollars in holdings.  He has also partnered with Venetian Enrico, one of the most highly sought after interior designers in the world.  These critical connections illustrate the obvious focus on real estate development as well as potentially assisting existing companies during transitional periods.  All of these types of projects need Gibson’s unique skill set and his connections to those who can supply the skills necessary to complete successfully.  In Dubai, the greatest natural resource is the availability of cash for investment, and Gibson’s access to willing investment through Ali Cloud is expected to open new doors to those companies who may have had difficulty finding and securing traditional investment.  If it is only capital that is necessary, then Gibson and his partners have the available money to solve the issues at hand.  If a company needs guidance and structuring through a period of transition, Gibson and partners have decades.

If youa re interested in learning more about the suite of Lord Neil Gibson partnerships and companies, or if you are interested in finding out more about how your company can benefit from becoming involved with the firm, contact Lord Neil Gibson directly through any of his websites.  The future is bright in Dubai.

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