The Fight Continues For Gibson

While there was a good portion of 2017 that could be considered “quiet” for Lord Neil Gibson, during which time he successfully moved the majority of his business dealings and assets to the Middle East in order to open up new regions for business financing operations, the greatest battle that had been won involved the internet and his online reputation. Lord Gibson relies upon his business record and achievements in order to structure partnerships and deals that will ultimately manifest themselves into project participation. Without partners who he can trust and who trust him, the aggressive deals and projects that Gibson manages would have little chance for success. Many times these partnerships rely upon handshake deals and simple trust in order to move forward, which is why his reputation is of such importance.

Throughout late 2016, Gibson and his online team were in the final stages of a battle against slander that was taking place in the public space, fueled by an online attacker who desired to destroy Gibson’s reputation through the spread of fake news and false stories. This attacker went as far as to create false websites designed to look like they were owned and operated by Lord Gibson, peppering public information with false stories in order to manipulate search results for Gibson’s name. The attacker understood that the presentation of false information within online searches for Lord Gibson could cause potential partners to hesitate, and ultimately harm Gibson’s business. In late 2016, it appeared as though the online posts had been removed, and the attacks had stopped.

Unfortunately, the attacks have now resumed in 2018, with s website called Indy Media once again spreading false information. While this situation is being brought under control, Lord Gibson encourages all researchers to only trust information presented on his official websites.

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