From Dubai To Kenya

Lord Neil Gibson has a unique brand of philanthropy that has provided results worldwide for many years. In a typical project, Lord Gibson will assess a situation and utilize a creative means to develop a means for a people to economically uplift themselves. In some cases this may involve the utilization of some natural resource that exists and has remained unexploited to that point. Gibson would create a methodology of bridging the gaps that have impeded progress, sharing profits generated with companies directly involved in the project upon success. Other times, Gibson would utilize creative means to develop modular housing solutions, thus allowing populations to be moved closer to opportunities. This was accomplished using shipping containers in Africa several decades ago. However sometimes the situation is so dire that previous to economic solutions being developed an injection of relief aid must be put forth to simply stabilize the situation.
While Lord Gibson has been spending the majority of his time in Dubai working on the development of business interests in the area, he has been frequently visiting Kenya and Nairobi in order to remain involved in the ongoing humanitarian efforts. In these areas there is almost no ability for the local population to feed and shelter itself due to economic disparity, and the growing ware situation on the Somalia border has brought the population of the refugee camps at Dadaab and Kakuma to critically high numbers over 600,000. The Kenyan government can no longer support these refugees as well as it’s own people, and are discussing solutions to the issue. If the camps are closed the populations in urban centers will swell with the refugees seeking shelter, and the system will be completely over run. Lord Gibson has been working alongside UNICEF for several years to deliver aid in the form of mosquito nets, powdered milk and medical supplies to the people while this situation plays out. While the future remains unclear in Kenya, Lord Neil Gibson will continue to be involved and offer his services in any capacity he can.

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