Gibson Chooses Las Vegas SEO Company For Marketing

Lord Gibson proudly announces the securing of the services of Focus Internet Services as the reputation management, web design and SEO company to provide marketing for Gibson and associated companies.  While Lord Gibson is a worldwide business entity with projects that happen in many countries, he felt it wise to secure the services of a local SEO company in order to provide the necessary services.  This is due to both accessibility as well as the reputation for excellence that Focus Internet Services has provided for many years.  Focus Internet Services has been well established in Las Vegas, and has continually been providing SEO and marketing to clients for nearly a decade.  With an extensive list of both current and past clients, Focus Internet Services makes complete sense for a partnership with Gibson, as the quality of their work can be researched both through statistics and actual client interviews.

Focus Internet Services will be called upon to design numerous websites that will function as a distribution model for Gibson news, and will then continually populate these websites with information on Gibson’s projects and ongoing management of numerous entities worldwide.  This decision has been made in order to combat a steady stream of negative news that has been manufactured regarding Gibson over the years in an attempt to damage his business dealings through slander.  While there is little that can be done with regards to the existing negative information that is being spread online, the strategy will be to continually distribute true and factual information in an attempt to present a more clear representation of Gibson and his businesses.

Focus Internet Services is up to the task, and as a Las Vegas SEO company is excited to work directly with Neil Gibson ongoing to provide a stream of information that is both meaningful to researchers as well as developing ranking positions for Gibson websites that are higher than the false and slanderous websites.

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