Lord Gibson and the Dubai Target

Lord Neil Gibson is internationally known for his business dealings which combine philanthropy and development.  This style of business is designed to assist people within underdeveloped cultures gain access to revenue through work, by targeting the areas of the globe that might have access to natural resources or some form of manufacturing capabilities, but which have not yet exploited that resource.  The entire world is filled with geographic areas that could become self sustaining and wealthy simply by harvesting the resources that are found around them, yet they fail to do so because of some encumbrance that is hindering the process.  Many times this may be a lack of ability for the local government to create the infrastructure necessary to allow for the next level of development to happen.  In some cases, there may be the capability to mine precious metals yet no way to get them to export due to a lack of roads.  Lord Gibson specializes in identifying these opportunities and creating inclusive plans that will take the area all the way through to being in business.

Gibson accomplishes this through a system of partners that he keeps in mind for project aspects they can accomplish.  In many cases the issue is that the foreign government does not have connections that can see a project through to completion, and therefore the project stalls before that point.  Due to Gibson managing the entire process from installation of the most basic elements all the way through to the creation of the industries that will employ the local population, the projects do not fall upon a single hinderence to the process.

In Dubai, Gibson has realized the largest natural resource that is able to be harvested is investment capital.  Due to the large volume of wealthy individuals in Dubai who are more risk tolerant than a traditional lending institution, Gibson has the ability to call upon these partners to fund projects that may be in need of investment and guidance, but having difficulty securing it.  Gibson and his investment partners see the entire Middle East region as being primed for large scale development even outside of the established cities, and the only missing component is the investment capital it needs and the partnerships with those entrepreneurs seeking it.

Lord Gibson has relocated his operations to the Dubai area in order to solidify these necessary partnerships.  With a physical presence in the area, he has a far greater ability to effectively manage projects and keep communications flowing appropriately.  In far too many cases, the possibilities of managing multiple contractors and partners from another country proves to be far too difficult, and puts project successes at risk.  In order to more fully guarantee the successes of the projects within the Middle Eastern area, Gibson feels that a firm physical presence would be more beneficial, leading to his desire to relocate there himself.  At the current point, Lord Gibson is within the Dubai area and looking for localized partners interested in his special form of development.

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