Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson Hosts Gathering to Celebrate Royal Wedding

There is a reason a cliché becomes a cliché. Cliché’s are the building blocks of language. They are the basic tools we all need to convey our thoughts and the simple fact is, more often than not, things have already been said in a manner more succinct and exact than anything we could come up with ourselves.

On Saturday afternoon last (19th May) Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson hosted a gathering of close friends in his residence on the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. The occasion was of course to celebrate the Royal Wedding and while he watched the pomp and excitement surrounding the marriage of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle, Lord Neil took the opportunity for some reflection and amongst the excitement of the day couldn’t help but think to himself the old cliché “there’s no place like home.”

It’s over twenty years since Lord Gibson’s sense of adventure and entrepreneurial spirit caused him to leave his homeland and move to America and even though he now resides four and half thousand miles away from St. Georges Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle, while he sat alongside his own soon to be bride, he could not help but feel proud of his home country. The eyes of the world were on this relatively small island perched in the Atlantic and once again Britain truly showed itself to be Great Britain.

Gibson looked on as the formerly impish Prince Harry waited nervously for his Princess and smiled as the clearly nervous Prince broke with convention to look down the aisle for a glimpse of his bride before she reached the alter. Lord Gibson thought that it was a nice touch for Prince Charles to meet Markle half way up the aisle and enjoyed seeing a tender side from the usually stoic royal family as Harry muttered “thanks Pa” when his father gave Meghan away to him. Gibson also shared the laughter with many as Bishop Michael Curry delivered his memorable sermon but Lord Gibson himself has a strong individualistic streak and he quite enjoyed watching Bishop Curry cause a minor stir.

Lord Gibson also had thoughts of his own family as he watched Prince Harry marry Meghan. He couldn’t help but think that if you were to take away the cameras and crowds you would simply have two young people promising themselves to one another in the presence of their friends and family, just the same as every other wedding. Gibson’s mind flashed forward a few weeks to his own nuptials in Lake Como and grew excited at the thoughts of his own loved ones flying to Italy from Britain, Ireland, America and the U.A.E.

It was a great day in Windsor and it was a great day in Dubai as Lord Neil Gibson hosted his friends. Three cheers to the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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