Lord Neil Gibson In 2018

For those who have followed the career of Lord Neil Gibson, or those interested in becoming part of the network that Gibson uses to fill in the critical parts of his plans of action with regards to philanthropic and business moves, 2017 was a year that saw large changes to the structure of Gibson’s future plans. Lord Gibson began the year operating his business empire from the United States and Europe, and is ending the year operating the majority of it from Dubai. This decision to move operations to a country that had previously been unexplored by the Gibson team came after several visits to Dubai and the Arab countries surrounding it, and a recognition that the area is perfect for Gibson’s future development plans. Lord Gibson will generally utilize a specific strategy to target areas that he is interested in exploring, essentially looking for an intersection between populations of people who are not able at the current point to uplift themselves through labor, and an availability of some resource that is currently under-used. In many cases this means that the resource is available but nobody has figured out the means to extract it effectively at that point. Gibson analyzes the situation and applies creative solutions to the project in order to move forward where others have failed. Dubai is rich in the resource of capital and those interested in investing it, as well as being surrounded by areas that are poor and in need of creative solutions. Gibson plans to bring these two worlds together in 2018 with several high profile projects which will bring economic prosperity to areas previously overlooked in the Middle East, as well as high returns for investors. More details of the 2018 project slate will follow.

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