Lord Neil Gibson Engaged To Orla Stephanie Burke

The announcement of Lord Neil Gibson’s engagement to Orla Stephanie Burke cam in early January of 2018. The happy couple plans to marry in June of 2018 in Italy. This announcement came directly from Lord Gibson as follows:

“It is with great joy that Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson, announces the engagement of him and his soon to be new wife, Orla Stephanie Burke. The wedding will take place of June this year in Lake Como Italy which is very appropriate considering his fiancĂ© Orla who is from Ireland. She and her family come originally from an Italian descent. Orla is a international world traveler and a successful business owner. She works in the beauty industry and caters to the prestigious rich and famous. She is currently working in the Middle East but not limited. She consults the globe internationally.”

2017 was a year of change for Lord Gibson, who had successfully migrated his business entities and associated partnerships to Dubai after identifying it as one of the geographic areas of interest for the next five years. His expertise in the development and management of incubation level projects across the industries and practices of energy production, alternative energy, real estate development and international finance being located within the Middle Eastern region is ideal, as this area has no shortage of investors seeking aggressive projects that are difficult to traditionally fund, as well as startup-level companies seeking expansion. Where these companies might have previously run into difficulty securing financing, Gibson plans to fill the space. It appears that the future is bright for both Gibson and his projects.

The team at LNBG LLC wish Lord Neil and Orla the best, and happiness in their future marriage.

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